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Wanderings of a Writer In The Digital Age (#4 2014)

Spring Notebook 2014 Page 2 2nd day of the Hemingway schedule (up by 430 write til 11) and I’m already real pissed. Old man river over here barking like a (lazy) grey squirrel who really didn’t need to make it through the vortex… anyway, thank you (other minds) for taking part in the experiment of […]

April Draft Pages

I’m sure I’m not the first writer who’s done this sort of thing, but it sure feels like it… It’s eight in the morning and I don’t even know where to get a cup of coffee in this town…it’s still too foreign …and I knew that I should have gotten a bit of sleep last […]

The State of Existence is OK. (File Under: Notes to Self. Notes To Earthworms. Notes To Professionals and Crooks. Notes to Cyborgs. Official update on things in general relativity. The plan. The score. Moving Notebook Page 4)

It’s true and I always forget but I always remember and then I forget and remember…but this is true: I’m best when I’m leaving and I’m best when I going at it solo. I dont know why that is…and so this is going to be a messy message because I don’t have time to stutter […]


Moving Notebook Page 3, THE SUNDAY NEWS!

Clear night out there. Looking at the stars..while walking the coyote (who’s afraid of god damn rabbits) I was thinking man…is there really anything more ridiculous than goth kids? Drag…puff…nope… I do not think so. But on the other hand….I suppose …that based on universal laws….it is (in some way) fuel efficient to drive a […]

Kerouac’s Science Fiction

cityCityCITY: Jack Kerouac’s Science Fiction By Stuart Cormie found: (will remove if writer wants me to, it’s from 2006 and I post for educational reasons, so if you got a problem sorry and just let me know)  4 December 2006 Jack Kerouac, “King of the Beats,” once tried his hand at science fiction. In an […]