Digital Blinks #Summer of Chaos.

if you want to buy a book of mine go here…. Moving boxes and motels, a literary wandering. Lowell, Walden St, The Moon and Russians and trucks, the highway and all over the country, motorcycle rides and hundreds of miles walked, and looking for what, I don’t know, but I’m almost ready to write another […]


Words From A New Short Story Collection #8

Cover for my super cool hardcover book with almost ten years of writing in it, reedited and contains artwork. From short lit fiction, to experimental spontaneous prose style, to science fiction and academic bewilderment, it’s all here, something for everybody. Was originally going to be 300 pages, but I can’t see people paying that much, […]

The day will be just fine (spontaneous prose practice #many/repost for remixed readability)

The Day Will Be Just Fine—please don’t worry—the day will be just fine…. The sun sets in the summer and the slow sheets fall off and stick to grass stained skin—bare toes—don’t worry—the day will be just fine. The months roll by and that’s alright—it’s slow—think about the good times that are going to be […]


June Draft Pages 2 of 2

To look at/buy, first two books in series go here:  I was standing on the sink and my jeans were rolled up. Our ceilings are arrogantly taller than necessary, so even at six one I don’t have to worry about getting my head chopped off by the ceiling fan. And maybe I shouldn’t have been…but I […]

Appendix 1a

(1a) There’s not much money in writing, but sometimes it’s more fun than anything else I could possibly imagine spending my time doing. I don’t know why, well not entirely, but just the whole process down to the ink and the glue, after the year or longer typing and looking and editing and growing with […]


There is nothing to show them. Just sing.  The war is in your mind. The basics of necessity. The shot. The pulse. The game. It never was. Control was never lost, it was never had. You only blinked. The feeling of letting a bug out the door like a dog running free in a field. […]

One more night

Another day and another chance to get sick. The rain is nothing short of a joke. The beard grows and the days are numbered for the people that say huh…even though they’re not confused, they’re just tired. The snake skin on the grass and the hawk over head. The people are nice until they are […]