At Home Word experiment and poof rabbit proof

This is a fun adventure if you choose to accept. After the final proofs of words you will find an at-home-or-at-wherever you are word experiment. These are just the last scoops of my series of proofs of An Untitled and Written E.P, (and this book) allows the reader to test the waters, to see if the temperature is just alright enough to step on into. And even if you don’t read it, well as I said and already promised, this thin word-filled object can double both as a fan and a paper cutting shank when the end of the world (as promised by those apocalyptic people) at last arrives knocking on our doors just a tellin us humanoids that yeah, our run here on earth, is well, yeah, just over. Weapons will be important when the apocalypse knocks on your door and good fer you, because this lil ol book, yeah, you can use it as a weapon.

April 30th, Going into the last May of my 30th Chapter

With all the work I’ve done with writing and learning and reading the past year I have to say that the 30th year of my existence has been one of the most fulfilling years of my entire life. I’ve started to become comfortable in my skin as both an artist, and more importantly as a human being. I don’t even like to call myself an artist or a writer, those are just a couple of the things that I like to do in my life, and saying that those are what I AM, would be selling myself short. This has been more of a kinda year where everything, all the long days and long nights, all the learning curves and artistic plights, when all of the theory and classes taken, well this has just been a year when everything has started to gel, to come together, and man, its been a ton of work and even more love and sometimes obsession has went into everything that I do. Turning thirty was odd. I celebrated it with only myself. I jumped the fence of a private boating community by the lake at night and passed out listening to music on a beach that well I wasnt supposed to be on. Everything worked out fine. I was awoken by some morning joggers, they didn’t seem to care. 

Most people are terrified or don’t want to get older, but don’t worry because I’ve deeply enjoyed this road of life, and as I’ve seen the years piling up as chapters when I have grown up, well I’ve also seen the man who I am becoming is a nicer human being, more understanding and always trying, and yeah,  I still have a long-long way to go, im not even close to where I want to be, and I still have to get better at writing, practice and worry and feel defeated, but still, it’s been one hell of a run.

And oh yeah, with all the work that im doing with so many of the business ideas that individual artist has to do, well im going to do some fun things with this blog, more posts about who I am and why writing has become so important to me. I will post writings and my first books that I laughably put together when I was a kid. This blog is for documentation of where I was, and points the finger where this life may be going.

With that said many writers probably do this, but I sing songs and love music. It’s kinda my video game system so to speak when I’m not writing or thinking or blanking out as I dwell looking at just a wall. I’m not going to do this again, but since im trying to do different things with this blog, well I’ll share a song that I wrote. It’s on a site called sound cloud, link below. Also here are the lyrics. Alright, everyone who may ever read this, enjoy life. Bye. 

PS. I’m not super good or anything, just shared because this blog is about adventures in writing, and this site wouldn’t be complete without how much music has played a major part in my own written life. ha….

I’m Goin’ to Laugh

I don’t want to talk 
don’t know what to say today 
everybody’s comin round 
and everybody’s going to work today 
I have a clue for you, 
and maybe I will give you some truth 
I don’t have a clue, and maybe I, maybe I

I don’t have what you want to give 
I don’t have anyone 
cause I’m staying happy 
when the shadows come back for more 
after me, oh-oh-oh

I don’t know why 
everybody’s running wild 
in the future time 
everybody’s coming after me 
I liked it better than 
I like it better now 
I liked it better than 
when I was alone 
I’m having times 
something you never do 
I’ve given something back 
they’re coming after-after- after-you

I don’t have the time anymore 
I don’t have anything left to give anymore 
but happy-ness-ness is what I have 
and I’m going to be a good-a-good-good person for the rest of my life 
I’m going to laugh ,going to laugh

cause now the darkness is coming back 
darkness coming back 
I’m not going to go into the 

One Plug, another project, and another blog.

I’m not really going to do this ever again,  so that these two concepts can live and breathe on their own, but this is West Vine Press. I’m going to be doing some really exciting things with it, and yeah, it’s just me, but still if you have any ideas or anything just let me know, or just keep a close but always faint thought open for transmissions, because I have a feeling it might possibly be a good Idea. I have no clue if it will work out. And I don’t even know what it is yet. I definitely know what it is not, what it’s not about. But yeah, I won’t post on this blog about West Vine Press, besides when books are released. So take it or leave it. Thanks. It’s only about the printed word. It’s only about being alive.

Proofs of my books that you can buy

Just some Proofs from my E.P. No I’m not going to get anything out by tonight. I need to sleep. But here, everything I have of mine is free. Ha. A few of those tales have appeared on my blog, but they have all been taken down and reworked and are the best fiction that has ever been written. Go to hell. I’m just kidding. Cant I yell at the passive aggressive internet that has your ears?

The Universe that is the Thing-In-Its-Self , Part One


This post is about taking the time to search to just be human, to be eccentric and wondrous if you feel like it. This is a spontaneous burst of words. This is an exercise in writing. This is about an intriguing notion of the existence of what may be called quantum linguistics. This is just a journal of ideas, ideas that are constructed out of words that are really only about my hands.

 The following words are concerned with the symbolic interaction of the human being and the organic world, and such concerns are investigated by a writer who often views the act of writing words as the same thing as the scientifically developed tool known as mathematics. 

 But really, all of this and that and the following are merely about being alive.

 Freedom, and with Freedom well now you can write whatever that comes to your mind. Whatever you want to say. ..

 And it’s another night and I’m just typin for fifteen minutes. I’m only writing about whatever comes into my mind. My fingers are stained from this work week that has been so hard on me. But really, everybody hates when they get worn down by the same ol grind. I just have to use my imagination more and follow its sporadic and constant flow. I really just have to breathe and be cool, be easy, and once again just go with the flow, be the leaf that blows in the wind, the only leaf that made it through the winter and is on the green grass to welcome the birth of all those new leafs that are budding and a’ growing on the trees all around me.

 And yeah, I need to breathe and talk to myself and laugh at myself and use my imagination more, and this is what great writing does for both the writer and the reader. Great writing takes you away, and you don’t need a spaceship to go to the moon, and you can even be poor. With words and writing and reading and imagining you only have to take it easy and want to go somewhere exotic, and you can, you can go anywhere. You only have to want to search for some kind of real foundation to live and walk upon.

And for me writing has been used for many things. Writing for me has been used at times like mathematics, and I majored both in philosophy and sociology as an undergraduate. Often in words I see and visualize the greatness of the human search for what is out there. And when I say out there, well I really only mean human, and I mean all of humanity, and that includes every person that has been born into our marvelously evolves species. And when I say, what’s out there, well I mean along the same lines as what many philosophers have, and Kant comes to mind, and his great search was to follow and uncover the Thing-In-Its-Self.

 And alright, what I mean by this ambiguous Thing-In-Its-Self is unknown; this concept is merely what the search is all about, what Kant searched for, and really nobody knows what this Thing-In-Its-Self is all about. As far as I know it’s really just the reason we that we do in-act search. The drive to go out there and search can really be said to be what consciousness is all about, and we’re born with it and the adventure is found within human genetics. Searching and going is interchangeable with being a human being.

 Confusing? Yeah I know. Everything can be seen as symbols and clues about the Thing-In-Its-Self, and many great minds have tried to decode its whereabouts, but still…

 But humans still search for answers to their own existence, and so do I. This is why we have empirical sciences and mathematics, and words are very much like numbers for me, and sometimes they are seen as only representing the symbols that I use in order to aid me on my adventure.

 As humans we want to know what it’s like, what it feels like to be another object, another human, a desk, a chair, a cup of coffee, and with words you scan with your eyes to find this Thing-In-Its-Self; you try to envision and dream what it would be like to be your lover, your dog, your typewriter. You try and become the window, the glass in the window, the wood that is showing through the paint, the handles-metal-hooks and splinters of wooded decay. With words you try to be both the window and what is out that window. Everything is really about the search, and this great search that is intertwined with human life is really what living and writing and music is all about.