“Go as far as you need to go.”

Last night, Montague and North Muskegon, the Lake Shore and being forced out of my depression. Last night, the highway and Coopersville and downtown Grand Rapids; being told to, "come on man, you're getting old. Enjoy what's left of your youth. Just settle down and nope, you're coming." Words from Jake, saying, "dude, damn dude, come on and practice… Continue reading “Go as far as you need to go.”

Digital Blinks #18, Snow

I'm writing a new book. It's done. I wrote it. Nothing. Life is practice. Days are never to be forced. Dreams are to be had. Life is not a game. Driving and watching and talking, sleeping at rest stops and learning, trying to remember, and only through practice does it become natural. You know what to do. To flow, to be the spontaneous slow pitched lion's… Continue reading Digital Blinks #18, Snow