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I’m a modern (stumbling) man

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Where is Sean?

My friend Sonali was visiting India in November when I arrived in New Delhi. After trying to figure out the best location to meet up, we settled on…a shopping mall.

I asked her to share her reflection on her visit and she obliged. Thanks Sonali!

My return to the motherland

It has been 3 years since I was last in India – it was 2009, the primary reason for my trip was to see my grandmother – my mom’s mom.  It was an incredible three weeks spent with her – she told me stories of her life of my mother, my father and family.  I left India feeling an incredible connection and love for this place that my mother and father called home for so long – the country from which my culture originated.

3 years later, it’s 2012, and I have returned to my mother’s land – my grandmother’s…

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