LOOK! Moanin’ Before The Winter (another fall notebook page)

About to head back to the lake as soon as the bed head goes away, and for years I've used this song to get my fingers going. In 2009 there was less than three hundred hits and now there's almost four million.So what? Words. LOOK! So many words and the fall is at a stand… Continue reading LOOK! Moanin’ Before The Winter (another fall notebook page)

Town blows itself up…(fall Notebook 2013)

Earlier in the year I wrote  a book. A Town on a lake. It's about post industrial society and the decline of work. It's the idea that leisure can save the middle class and the lack of evidence to show support that this business model is even rational. It's about what we let the past… Continue reading Town blows itself up…(fall Notebook 2013)