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A Demonic Parody In The Age Of Ruins (February Draft Pages. 2018)

Fiction. Uncorrected Prose From Working Manuscript for The Future Book Of War. Book E. The Final Novel in The Adventures of a dying Young Man Series. Please do not steal. Owned by West Vine Press and Intellectual property of Andrew H. Kuharevicz. This post will be deleted in good time. Thanks for reading. BYE!  NEW… Continue reading A Demonic Parody In The Age Of Ruins (February Draft Pages. 2018)

Day 168 Of Writing A Novel

Got 2800 words typed up of my new novel today. Down in the writing dungeon. Not bad for the amount of procrastinating playing with pop up books and action figures. Ha. Um....winter up north. It's the shortest month they say, February, if you only measure by time. Thanks for reading. I guess...