August Draft Pages 2019 (Pickpocket of Reality)

My novel Future Book of War is done. Will be out August 30th in hardcover print via West Vine Press. This is from a poetry book in progress. Thanks for reading. East 4t h Street. We met across the street all acting like we met before I’m the only one with expectations creating a present… Continue reading August Draft Pages 2019 (Pickpocket of Reality)


“Against the Country” by Ben Metcalf

A Book Review I wrote via "Against the Country" by Ben Metcalf “Here, then, is what I learned on, or because of, the American schoolbus:” Above is an opening line to an early chapter in the “novel”, Against The Country, by Ben Metcalf (country being rural surrounded by small town). It’s a difficult, award winning book (Ten… Continue reading “Against the Country” by Ben Metcalf